Ukrainian Dinner Events. Donate --->Enjoy--->Make difference

Ukrainian Dinner Events. Donate --->Enjoy--->Make difference

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My passion is to help people! I believe that we can grow only when we share with others. There are so many people who could have better live if someone give them a little help. I set up in Singapore, the place is the love of my heart. As now I got better understanding of the cultural and social aspects of life in Singapore I believe I am willing to be helpful.
I come from Ukraine a very lovely place, where people share with each other everything: emotions and physical things. Ukrainians are well-known for hospitality and sharing even the last whatever they have. I want to introduce and develop this tradition here in Singapore, and that is why I started my rise finding event.
The other passion of me is cooking Ukrainian traditional dinner. During years I live in Singapore I learnt that Singaporeans share my passion for the food:) That is why I organise "Ukrainian Dinner evening" during with I cook Ukrainian traditional food. Singaporeans who have tried out my "creations" positively feed backed, so I decided to sell the tickets for the seats at "Ukrainian Dinner evening" and all the money I will get for this event I will donate to the Red Cross. Unfortunately, my house is to small to accommodate all the people who want to come, that is why I made a decision not to have a fixed price and would accept anything people willing to donate. I hope by introducing Ukrainian culture and traditions I will rise enough money to help at least someone. I am realist by nature and understand that: at the present I can not help to everyone in this world but I am absolutely positive if I can make a difference for some people - I will show the way to the rest: there are always a way to help to others. All together we are surely able to turn our world for the place with happiness and sunny days only!

Would you like to join me for this movement, please do not hesitate to drop me an email at:
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Sincerely Yours, Olena Sukhina 
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